Surf & SUP Classes

Improvements happen more easily with an experienced coach’s eye and focus.

Receive positive feedback, technique training, and video assessments with achievable goals (during classes and for your own practice sessions) when signing up for a class with us.

In Canoa you can surf all day, every day. Learn to catch waves standing up in shallower waters and “outback” with lots of space for learning. All our sections have green waves.

We encourage a lesson once a day, with one of our instructors & then another practice session (around the time of low tide).

Canoas beach is an all-sand bottom with a long tide and lots and lots of room for everyone.

We have 32km of beach breaks, a point break, and 2 flat water rivers all within walking or paddling distance.

You are welcome to stay awhile.

Our best months are January till April because of the climate and waves. those months, we have easy offshore winds in the mornings and mostly sunny days. It rains sometimes in the evenings.

Check the current wave forecast and tides –

Our Surf Instructors are well-trained with plenty of experience that will help you get better faster while safe and having fun. We aim to have you making improvements every day and appreciating your time in the water here.

Meet some of our staff-

Janna Van Hoof – (Canada & Florida raised) International Surfing Association certified coach

Carlos Gomez -Ecuador National pro-SUP Surf and SUP race champ 7 years+

Cristhian Rojas -Ecuador pro surfer, National champ juniors 2 years

Joau Coello -Ecuador pro surfer, National juniors team

Alejandro Gilces -Ecuador pro surfer, National juniors team

Surf classes $30 per person per 1.5hr session and includes a correct board for learning at your level.

Surf Fotografia $25 per 1 hr session

SUP surf classes 3 classes for $120 and includes pro equipment.

2x group surf coaching sessions & video feedback & photos $40 per week – ongoing

Nuestras clase consiste en una hora y media con un profesor profesional incluye la tabla completamente equipada.
Una experiencia en donde no solo aprenderas a surfear si no a conocer el mar las condiciones adecuadas para poder surfear, la seguridad que tenemos que tener en cuenta en cada momento de la clase y como manipular la tabla correctamente, posteriormente los pasos para pararse en la tabla.
Cómo siguiente viene la parte práctica dentro del agua directo a coger olas, en cada intento el profesor evaluará la técnica y corregirá varios puntos para lograr montar esa ola perfecta.
El valor de la clase es de $30.00 USD per persona